SHARMA was created by Ausolan
Group, which has an extensive experience
in the catering sector. A benchmark at the 
national level with international expansion.
Experts in management of restoration
services of collectivities, cleaning and other 
auxiliary services. An agile and close
management that anticipates and adapts
to the needs of each client.

We are committed with every one of our customers,
engaging in every project. We design
personalized gastronomic offers, always
prepared with the highest quality products, that
allow us to make every event something special.
We always strive for a balance between traditional
cooking and modern, elegant cuisine that will
awaken all your senses.

Our concern and awarenes of the need to be
environmentally friendly, has led us to design
a gastronomic offer that is creative, healthy
and sustainable.
This is why we work to reduce and recycle waste,
diminish energy use, and select local products.